Lyles: Top 50 restaurant in the World

The list for the Worlds Top 50 restaurants was recently released and I used my anniversary as an excuse to visit one on the list. The highest ranked London restaurant is the Clove Club; which I visited last year.

The second highest ranked UK restaurant is Lyles. Based in Shoreditch opposite the box park, and, next door to Dirty Burger, Lyles serves seasonal British food to busy guests at lunchtime and dinner.

I opted for a lunchtime visit and was lucky to get a booking for our anniversary date. With almost all tables booked, my wife and I arrived, a few moments late but eager and excited.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-23 at 15.55.08 (1)

The menu isn’t the biggest, which is quite ideal when you are someone who gets FOMO quite easily. Our very friendly and knowledgeable waiter recommended we get about two to three dishes each and then share this between us.

We were hungry but not starving, so we went for a modest four dishes to share. These were; Guinea Fowl, Pork Terrine, Saddleback Collar and a Dexter Onglet. The first three we treated as starters and then the Onglet was our main course.

Our very meaty/piggy/birdy starters were very delicious. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the saddleback and initially, my mind wandered to a rib joint or slab of meat. I was pleasantly surprised to see strips of meat, akin to jamon, on the plate in front of us. This dish had a very smokey flavour to it; not too salty, but still very moreish all the same.

The guinea fowl was the star of the starters. The sauce of herbs and garlic coated the meat really well and added an extra layer to this meaty treats.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-23 at 15.55.08 (2)We ended our anniversary lunch and meal with Gooseberry & Oat Fool and a Raspberry Tart. The Fool was recommended to me by the waiter and was like a crumble with lovely ice cream. The different textures and sweetness made this a real pleasure and surprise. It made the tart a bit less special

Special occasions = special food

With the changing menu and fair price point, it does make Lyle’s a very recommendable place as well as a place to visit too.

The contrast between Lyles and Clove Club couldn’t be more obvious. From the decor to the food, the service and to be frank the price too. Lyle’s was quite affordable and makes me like the place that much more.


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