Petersham Nurseries: Restaurant Review

Simple and to the point, or ‘A place of beauty, an emporium of goods, a celebration of the seasons’. This is the description Petersham Nurseries give themselves. The emporium here refers to the two restaurants, cellar, and deli based in this Covent Garden branch of Petersham Nurseries. A lot in their new base in Covent Garden.

Petersham and La Goccia offer diners simple food, with British seasonal and Italian dishes respectively. Think of roast duck and burrata to salads and pasta.

The brief for choosing this restaurant was to visit somewhere nice, fancy and a birthday treat. With the weather being unbelievably hot, we had to have outdoor dining and Petersham ticked the right boxes and a key reason for booking.

A bit about the restaurant, by the restaurant:

“A place of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Petersham is an elegant à la carte restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the family home, Petersham House in Richmond, the interiors demonstrate the Boglione’s passion for contemporary art, Murano glassware and understated grandeur, reflecting their personal tastes and collections.

Respecting the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair and the traditions on which Petersham Nurseries Richmond was founded, The Petersham focuses on the most beautiful seasonal produce, quality ingredients and Italian flavours, serving lunch and dinner, with pre theatre menus.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-23 at 13.20.08 (1)

For the food, I ordered the Burrata with Cuore del Vesuvio tomatoes, chilli, and mint. The cool cheese and mint seemed like a good choice, especially with the hot weather. I envisaged cutting through the cheese and seeing all the gooey cheese spill out. The goodness didn’t ooze out, in such force, yet it was tasty and very creamy. I would very much recommend.

The main courses at The Petersham are constantly evolving/updating and this is mainly due to seasonality and ingredients. The Changing menu means that on the day we dined some of the main courses were a roast duck and John Dorry. This week, for example, it is a roast pork and Pollock. This freshness and seasonality is a key feature of Petersham and why they have decided to venture into Covent Garden.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-23 at 13.20.08 (2)

The John Dorry was swimming in a pool of broth with potatoes and other vegs. The fish was very flaky, however, the pool of broth meant that I almost needed a spoon to fish it out and eat. The crumbly potatoes also just needed spooning out and it just became a tricky dish to eat and therefore thoroughly enjoy.

Drinking in London today is always an expensive hobby. The food at The Petersham was good but with many drinks at a birthday celebration, the cost of this visit became a bit of a shock. At over £75 a head, I felt like it was a bit much.

I may be sounding a bit unfair, and when you break it down it all seems reasonable. However, I left feeling a bit hard done by with the such a hefty bill.

The vibe, ambiance, service, and location are all reasons why I, will 100% be back. I think the plan next time is to try La Goccia. Two key reasons, a different menu and therefore, somewhere new.


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