Smoky Boys Restaurant: Watford

For the love of food, traveling around the M25 is not only a requirement, it is a necessity. I will never complain about traveling, especially when I have been invited to try a place out.

Smoky Boys in Watford is all about grilled meats. Basically, think Chicken, Burgers and Beef Rib. Add to this, some great cocktails and shakes, then you know that you are most likely to leave with a full stomach.

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Located just off the St Albans Road in Watford, Smoky Boys is just before the junction; so by slowing down for the lights, passers by can see the signs and allure of BBQ and more.

The fact that I love burgers so much, was a key reason why I was invited. They know me well.

The highlight of the menu is the tender Smoked BBQ Ribs, which we had to have and share (the size of it, was ridiculous). We had this to share and one of their burgers (ground beef sourced from native bred free-range cattle, which is aged for a minimum of 40 days).


Smoky Boys Ribs

The beef rib was exactly what I have always wanted. Watching cooking shows on Food Network or Saturday Kitchen, you always see the meat pull away from the bone; this became a reality here.

The beef arrived and using just our forks we pulled at the meat, making sure we got the burnt ends in one mouthful. Juicy, Tender and Delicious. Thank you.

For the burger, we shared the Smoky bacon; this was a Beef patty with maple glazed oak smoked turkey bacon, grilled onions, mature cheddar & American cheese, Smoky Boys sauce all squeezed into a brioche bun. It sounds like they packed a lot but thankfully it wasn’t jaw-breaking or too messy.

The quality was good and the sauce quite tasty too. I would describe the experience as similar to a Byron Burger. A ‘Proper Hamburger’, but not something I was blown away by. An accurate description of Byron too.

Rupal and the team at Smoky Boys looked after us really well. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, so we practically had all their attention to ourselves. They treated us to good food and drinks and a lovely Chicken Wings and Prawn platter too. The Wings are a MUST as a starter and I would recommend sharing the Lemon & Thyme as well as BBQ.

Watford, I need to venture a bit more out there and see what you have in store. If they are all like Smoky Bys, then I will be a frequent visitor.


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