Kalkan – Top 5 Restaurants

I recently went on holiday to Kalkan, Turkey with my family. This trip was planned last year and was with 15 of my family members, from cousins and uncles to aunties and second cousins too.


We had a villa to share, so this meant visits to restaurants were slightly limited, as we had a BBQ and kitchen.

Before we went, I spoke to my colleague who goes quite frequently and he recommended a few places, so I had to try out his suggestions.

Top5 in Kalkan that I visited are:

  • HunkarKebab house with all your meaty needs. No alcohol served, but food is the priority and all you need. The Mixed Grill serves up all the classics
    • Best dish – The mixed grill, make sure doner meat is there too
  • Marina Restaurant: Situated at the start of the promenade, this restaurant offers good seafood and meat selection. All food types were of high quality and for a good price
    • Best dish – Grilled sea bass and a good mezze to start 
  • Doy Doy: We visited here on our first night, a great start to the holiday with good food and a nice view of the harbour too
    • Best dish – Seafood platter which is ideal for sharing
  • Gusto: Although a restaurant which does a bit of everything (sometimes not a good thing), the service and dessert were really tasty. Get some baklava to finish for sure

    • Best dish – Baklava to end on a sweet note
  • Kleo Bar: I had to give a special mention to this bar as they looked after us so well during a thunderstorm. After I lost half a beer, they gave me a new one- Superstars

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at 07.49.50

A lovely sunny trip with the town offering delights for all. It was a bit tricky to go to all the places and restaurants with a one-year-old, but I would thoroughly recommend.

Thank you, Kalkan.



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