Whitechapel – Top 5 Restaurants

East London is well known for its curry houses and more specifically it is their lamb chops and fast service. Get in, order your food and before you know it you are out of there.

If you are in east London and Whitechapel then you are probably there for a curry. From Bangladeshi restaurants, Indian and The more popular Pakistani restaurants, there is plenty for all.

The Top 5 when in Whitechapel and the places to go are:​

  • Needoo Grill – The heir to the throne. Needoo Grill is stepping out of the shadows of Tayyabs and Lahore and is becoming THE destination for food.
    • Best dish – Their dry meat is amazing.
  • Tayyabs – The classic. The queues were legendary and as a BYO destination,  it adds to the fun. Their lamb chops are great as is their Aubergine Daal
    • Best dish – Lamb Chops, or better yet order a Mixed Grill
  • Lahore – Another classic, just off Commercial Road. The popularity of the venue has seen it open on the top floor too and it is a busy destination every night.
    • Best dish – Again, Mixed Grill
  • Lahore One – The relation of Lahore and another place to get Lamb Chops and curries. However, the extra special here is the Naan Rolls they do. Stuffed with sheekh kebab, these are special.
    • Best dish- Sheek Kebab roll, is a must, great for a lunch time treat
  • Dirty Burger – There had to be a burger destination.  This Dirty Burger shares its residency with Chicken Shop too. The best of both worlds from the Soho House Group
    • Best Dish – Dirty Bacon Burger with Onion Fries

Lamb Chops - LoS

That is a special list. I could easily go Monday to Friday to Whitechapel and have all that amazing food. I like my meat you see.


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