Stroud Green – Top 5 Restaurants

Friends and colleagues do ask a lot about recommendations, so it seems I have become their resident foodie. I am required to provide knowledge on what to eat and where to go.

I used to live near Stroud Green and would walk past all of these restaurants too and from work. So, I do feel like an expert in this area.


  • Lulu’s Caribbean Cuisine – the best Jerk Chicken and at such a good price. Their meal deals are the one and even as a takeaway the next day is still a good’ un.
    • Best dish – Jerk Chicken with rice, get their ribs to start too

  • Season Kitchen – Quality produce cooked excellently. If you can catch their early bird offer, then you’re winning
    • Best dish – Their early bird steak deal is well worth it; get there before 7pm
  • La Fabrica – Tapas! Sharing is caring and I love me some Jamon. Good food and vibrant atmosphere to match. Busy Joint with good drinks too.
    • Best dish – A Tapas place and therefore some Jamon (Iberico style too)

  • Max’s Sandwich – Best sandwiches ever, from beef brisket to Ham, Egg, and Chips. Max is literally the best thing to happen to sandwiches ever. High Praise and I could go on even more
    • Best dish – Ham, Egg & Chips Sandwich ALWAYS, get some mac’n’cheese balls too
  • Il Piccolo Diavolo -Neighbourhood Italian, hearty food – go for the pasta. Great range of specials and starters too.
    • Best dish – I really liked the overloaded Bruschetta to start – was on the specials board

      Max Sandwich - LoS

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