Stoke Newington – Top 5 restaurants

North London stand up.
Stoke Newington is or WAS the latest so-called trendy place. I live close by, therefore I am trendy. YOU GET ME?

This long stretch of road is full of restaurants, not many or ANY chains on the block but a lot of feel-good places.  Have a look at TripAdvisor and you will see the conundrum.

This Top 5 was a bit difficult for me on my own, so I enlisted the help of a few friends. Thanks Oran.

  • Stokey Bears – Of course there are going to be Burgers. Award-winning Burger Bear got his first permanent residence in Stoke Newington. A good burger that unfortunately had to have a finish. I enjoyed every bite.
    • Best Dish – Grizzly Bear burger- they bacon is a treat 
  • Rasa Travacone: A different take on the curry, but very welcome. South Indian flavours which embrace their heritage but also their colonial ties too. Lamb puff pastry, battered prawns and dry meat some great dishes.
    • Best Dish – dry meat 
  • L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele: From the home of Pizza and the originals. L’Antica bring their Simple Pizza from Naples to the delight of Londoners. 
    • Best dish – simple & effective, Margherita
  • Mangal Ocakbasi 1:  one of the first Turkish bbq restaurants in London and remains one of the best. Perfectly spiced and cooked meats served with freshly baked flatbreads, rice, salad and house-made dips. Don’t be put off by the fact the restaurant looks like a ….. (Thanks Oran for the kind words)
  • Yeni Umut 2000:  Great value and great quality, good meat, no doner kebab. The meat was cooked perfectly on top of the charcoal, the charred bits, the smokiness and the crisp bites of tender meat all went down so easily. Succulent, juicy and so delicious, the food tasted really fresh and not oily or fatty at all. 
    • Best Dish – Mixed Grill to share, get the best of all


The locals love the food and the food is for the locals.

People are more than happy to travel for good food. When the food is quality than this doesn’t become an issue. Also, when you tell people you are going to Stoke Newington, your cool factor immediately goes up.



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