Soho – Top 5 Restaurants

Now, what a time, to be alive!

When it becomes too difficult to choose your top 5 places within a mile radius, you know you are in for a treat. Options are key and in Soho you have plenty. I’ve asked friends for their input on this list and it became quite a heated discussion; so I chose myself and ignored what they said and narrowing it down to 5 was tough.

​From stylish and trendy to quick eats and expensive bites, Soho has it all.


My Top 5 (I think) are:

  • Ceviche – Peruvian Food in London. All the classics at a great price and good service. The Don Ceviche and Lamb cutlets are two standout dishes
    • Best Dish – the ‘don ceviche’ – what a classic
  • Hoppers – Sir Lankan street food, Hoppers from the Gymkhana and Trishna guys is a revelation in London. Street Food at its finest, with sharing dishes to delight all.
    • Best dish – you have to have aHopper, but the Biryani is amazing too.
  • Social Eating House – Close to being my most favourite restaurant ever. All dishes were unreal and a true culinary experience. Treat yourself to an amazing time from the Master Mr Jason Atherton.
    • Best dish – very tough to say, all were amazing.

  • Bob Bob Ricard – Elegance and Opulence. Bob Bob is fine dining to a tee. A button for champagne service says it all really. Great food all round here.
    • Best dish – their steak was amazing, PRESS the button

  • MASH – Great Quality Meat from all around the world. Danish Rib-Eye stands out and in a former ballroom, the setting is a treat for those that come along.
    • Best dish – Ribeye steak always

Ceviche Soho- LoS
I have no idea how I restricted it to five or even these five restaurants. I am not even sure I agree with them too. Please do let me know if you agree and where I have missed out on going in Soho.



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