Shoreditch – Top 5 restaurants

Shoreditch. The place where the trendy and cool people eat… and me too. I am defining this area as the station, a bit of Great Eastern Street, Brick Lane and then some.

East is hip and happening with new food places popping up constantly, whilst the classics are moving to the area too.

I asked some experts in the field for help as I am still exploring the area.

So let’s get straight to it.


Shoreditch Top 5:

  • Hawksmoor Spitalfields: Is this fair? You will start seeing this restaurant in every feature. The steak is just that good. Don’t forget their other dishes too; go for the mac and cheese as well as the ribs to start. Also go to the bar next door, amazing drinks, especially the butter infused old fashioned.
    • Best Dish – Has to be their Rib eye steak

  • Andina: Peruvian food by the crew from Ceviche. So good and so many different flavours.
    • Best dish – Steak Bistec is a good option as is their Ceviche.
  • Gunpowder – went there last week and it was oh so good. Homestyle Indian food, mainly from the Calcutta region. A new type of Curry night. Go for it.
    • Best Dish – all of it, but their lamb chops were lovely
  • Clove Club – probably one of the Top 10 restaurants of 2015. A colleague went here too and couldn’t speak more highly of this place. Go for the set menu and you will be amazed and happy.
    • Best Dish – Many memorable ones, especially the Port dish
  • Oklava – This Cypriot restaurant succeeds in refining and elevating the flavours of traditional dishes – headed by renowned chef Selim Kiazim (words by the Foodie expert @FlatWhiteboy)

    Hawksmoor - LoS


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