Lyles: Top 50 restaurant in the World

The list for the Worlds Top 50 restaurants was recently released and I used my anniversary as an excuse to visit one on the list. The highest ranked London restaurant is the Clove Club; which I visited last year. The second highest ranked UK restaurant is Lyles. Based in Shoreditch opposite the box park, and,... Continue Reading →


Petersham Nurseries: Restaurant Review

Simple and to the point, or 'A place of beauty, an emporium of goods, a celebration of the seasons'. This is the description Petersham Nurseries give themselves. The emporium here refers to the two restaurants, cellar, and deli based in this Covent Garden branch of Petersham Nurseries. A lot in their new base in Covent... Continue Reading →

Smoky Boys Restaurant: Watford

For the love of food, traveling around the M25 is not only a requirement, it is a necessity. I will never complain about traveling, especially when I have been invited to try a place out. Smoky Boys in Watford is all about grilled meats. Basically, think Chicken, Burgers and Beef Rib. Add to this, some... Continue Reading →

Kalkan – Top 5 Restaurants

I recently went on holiday to Kalkan, Turkey with my family. This trip was planned last year and was with 15 of my family members, from cousins and uncles to aunties and second cousins too.   We had a villa to share, so this meant visits to restaurants were slightly limited, as we had a... Continue Reading →

Stroud Green – Top 5 Restaurants

Friends and colleagues do ask a lot about recommendations, so it seems I have become their resident foodie. I am required to provide knowledge on what to eat and where to go. I used to live near Stroud Green and would walk past all of these restaurants too and from work. So, I do feel... Continue Reading →

Stoke Newington – Top 5 restaurants

North London stand up. Stoke Newington is or WAS the latest so-called trendy place. I live close by, therefore I am trendy. YOU GET ME? This long stretch of road is full of restaurants, not many or ANY chains on the block but a lot of feel-good places.  Have a look at TripAdvisor and you will see the... Continue Reading →

Soho – Top 5 Restaurants

Now, what a time, to be alive! When it becomes too difficult to choose your top 5 places within a mile radius, you know you are in for a treat. Options are key and in Soho you have plenty. I've asked friends for their input on this list and it became quite a heated discussion;... Continue Reading →

Shoreditch – Top 5 restaurants

Shoreditch. The place where the trendy and cool people eat... and me too. I am defining this area as the station, a bit of Great Eastern Street, Brick Lane and then some. East is hip and happening with new food places popping up constantly, whilst the classics are moving to the area too. I asked... Continue Reading →

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